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Minh Quang - Hải Yến

Lucky I have you in my life

05 / 08 / 2015

love brings out the best in you

I wake up in the morning with the thought of you; I lie in the evening with your smile in my head. I miss you from the moment I lose a sight of you. I love you, is there anything so good?

I love the itch in the stomach every time I see you.

I love every second when I am with you. When I am with you the world is different, no one else exists, only me and you.

I love your dimples, your eyes, your hands, your smile, I love the way you walk, and I adore you!

I adore the calmness I feel when you kiss and hug me. I adore the way you get me in the right mood when we are together.

Hold me tight, my baby

Only you make me feel happy!

You love me and it is the best thing in the world!!

Love is not the feeling we have when we meet someone nice, talented or magical or charismatic BUT Love is what other person do to you how he/she makes you feel today and will do the same or more year after years

Our Wedding

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Tại sảnh thames - riverside palace

Địa chỉ Riverside Palace, Bến Vân Đồn, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam