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Đình Phương - Thanh Tâm

True love is wealth... with it, you need nothing else.

01 / 11 / 2015

our first moment...

That first instant, the spark, as clouds part.

The fluttering, the butterflies, as eyes meet.

The slowing of time, the blur, as you come together.

The smile, the grin, as time races forward.

The burst, the fireworks, as you touch.

The weightlessness, the floating, forever more.

it's lucky that we've been together in sweet and tough moment in life

The word forever seems like a long time, but if you're with the person you love then forever isn't long enough.

Like each day grows as blades of grass with countless more to live,

My heart, it longs to be with hers; these words to her I give.

As springtime comes with cold and rain to make my heart light grow,

Gone are my days of loneliness amidst the winter's snow.

My love, my love,

I call to you.

My heart cries in the night.

To feel your warmth,

your summer sun

And dance beneath your starlight.

To know the pain

of loneliness 

'twas mine before I knew

distance is'nt an issue because in the end ... i have you

our wedding

Your presence is our honor
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